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Soul Restoration

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Access Consciousness Bars Las Vegas

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Spiritual Healing Las Vegas

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​Soul Restoration

Hypnosis and NLP Services:


Stop smoking Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Past Life Regression


Personal Goals 

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"Serena is amazing! I went for several sessions with her and felt relaxed and transformed after each one. From my first appointment I felt welcome and comfortable. Serena has incredible insight and intuition. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help dealing with pretty much any issue!"

                                                                                                Hilary Moffett, Las Vegas


If you're looking for tangible results, the search is OVER!  You know that problem, that feeling,  that cycle of self sabotage you've been wishing you could finally heal - You can!

Get rid of the thing keeping you from being your greatest version of You.  The world is waiting!

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A lot of people are a little scared of hypnosis.  I get it!  You probably should be. It often implies that you are being influenced to do something without your conscious awareness and consent.  Are you ready for shocking truth?  You've been hypnotized since the day you were born!  We learn almost everything we learn through hypnosis.  Babies, toddlers, preschoolers and children don't consciously analyze and choose what they want to learn or believe.  They are immersed in 'life' and learn by osmosis from parents, teachers, television etc.  If you've ever felt like you did things you didn't understand or felt a reaction you wish you didn't feel it's because you were hypnotized to do so.  Life is the greatest hypnotist.  So by Consciously choosing hypnosis, you are consciously choosing the beliefs, emotions and reactions that work FOR you instead of against you.  You can use self directed hypnosis to De-hypnotize yourself and Re-program your mind. 

You are always in control

"Serena was the best! Healed my wife so much more than a therapist could was definitely next level of treatment.  I was so impressed with her treatment I went to her and was able to stop smoking after 20 years cold. She is professional and compassionate."

                                    Pino A. Las Vegas

"One session with Serena was completely transformative for me. She does amazing work and I am forever grateful!"

Susan Shackman, Santa Cruz

Now is the time for change!