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​​​​Serena Denmark, RN

Certified Hypnosis Instructor with NGH

Clinical Hypnotherapist​

NLP master practitioner


Serena is a certified hypnosis instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists and she is also a certified instructor with the National Federation of NLP.  She attended the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, a school with the rare distinction of having a physician on staff.  She has 25 years experience as a Las Vegas an Emergency Room and EMS Flight RN which gives her an understanding of the need for safety and care in all her practices.  

Her tireless study of hypnotherapy and NLP has given her an understanding of how to tap the inner resources of each person and tailor a strategy for change uniquely designed for you. 

She is passionate about creating a world of harmony, peace, joy and Oneness and has outlined the path to such a possibility in her book "The Skeptic's Guide to Transforming The World", available on Amazon.

As a student of the school of hard knocks, Serena sought diligently to overcome personal depression and trauma.  All of the techniques which she practices she has applied to herself and can personally attest to their effectiveness.  It is this personal experience which gives her genuine empathy, and perhaps more importantly, the assurance that the tools and strategies she has to offer are efficient, powerful and really work.t Removal

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