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Enlightenment Reloaded

Your Limitless Self Unleashed

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*"Words cannot describe how much you have helped my situation, I thank you for your work and the treatment you have provided for myself and my loved ones."                     Jadean James

*results may vary

Connect to Your Divine Inner Self    Find Your True Purpose and Joy

  • Unify With Your Higher Self
  • Learn to clear entities
  • Safeguards for pure channeling
  • Close your aura
  • Tap into your divine wisdom
  • Live your truest, happiest life

*Results may vary from person to person

What is Enlightenment?

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Best mindfulness and self hypnosis ever

​*One session with Serena was completely transformative for me. She does amazing work and I am forever grateful.

​                    Susan Shackman, Santa Cruz

*results may vary

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Find Your True Purpose and Joy        


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