The most tools of any class I could have taken

*What an experience!!! When I left life seemed to be much more up lifted!! I'm soo surprised on how well my session went and my seemingly end of the world feelings seemed to take a back seat  to reality... for this I thank you and I'm very grateful to have a session...      

                                                                                                  Frank M. Las Vegas

​*I'd recommend Serena to anyone looking to change their behavior and attitude quickly.  Through her techniques, she helped me get to the source of some of my issues and I noticed behavior changes immediately.  I'm a big believer that what we do day to day is influenced far more by our unconscious mind.  Serena has been helping me communicate with the aspects of myself and I've been seeing great results.  If you're thinking about scheduling a session, I would definitely suggest you try it.

                                                                                                    Tony P. Las Vegas

*I've gone to Serena a few times and her NLP techniques are amazing.  She provides a calm and relaxed atmosphere, provides excellent coaching and the techniques work.  I know that when I have an issue I need to deal with, I can go to her and she will help me through it. I've never had an issue resurface after seeing her.

                                                                                                 Aaron O. Las Vegas

​*If you are going to trust your mind, brain, inner-most thoughts, inner child and future outcome to anyone, Serena is your gal.  In my personal experience, she is trust-worthy and ethical, truly cares about you and is great at what she does.  Looking forward to my next session.  Thanks Serena!

                                                                                                      Amy E.  Las Vegas

​*Serena is amazing at what she does and what she did for me.  I've used her for hypnosis and NLP.  I found out that my drivers license had been suspended and I was required to take the written test to activate my license's.   I read and studied the book. No problemo, so I thought.  How hard could this be, I've been driving for 30 years. Test day and I am feeling fear and I am having severe test anxiety.  In fact as I recall I wouldn't  take any job that required me to test because I felt I couldn't do it. The test anxiety was just to much.  It took me 8 months to fail again.  I went to see Serena and a few days later I felt  confident to take the test.  I walk into the testing room feeling at peace and so full of confidence that I passed.  In the state of NV if you answer every question correctly it just shuts down and basically says you got this.  I got this alright, I was so excited.  I couldn't believe it.

I just got offered a new job and this new job requires you to take a test in order for you to work with them.  When I was told this at the interview, to my amazement I felt nothing, no fear, no anxiety , no thoughts of failure just peace and calm. It was so weird to me because I had come accustom to feeling that anxiety I didn't know how to be with out it.  Needless to say, I take the test this Monday and I can't wait!    I am over joyed!                                                            

                                                                                         Catherine Ormand, Las Vegas

​*Serena was great!!  Awesome experience!! Everyone should try it !!She is so kind and  and helpful! I felt so great after my visit!
                                                                                               Angela Pezzulo, Las Vegas

*Serena is awesome!  She has a tremendous wealth of knowledge, attitude, and skills with NLP and Hypnotherapy that she uses to help her clients reach new horizons in their personal lives.  She is also a very caring, determined, and well rounded person with a ton of intellect.  She has the calmest demeanor of anyone I have ever met.  I would recommend her to anyone.

                                                                                                    Todd S., Las Vegas

*One session with Serena was completely transformative for me. She does amazing work and I am forever grateful.

                                                                                       Susan Shackman, Santa Cruz

*Serena was a tremendous help. I used to suffer from social anxiety and a lack of interpersonal skills. After a few sessions with Serena, she was able to pin point the exact memory that was the cause of my current social anxiety. From there she replace the negative memory with a positive one, alleviating the cause of anxiety. I am not and never was a skeptic of hypnosis. I searched around looking for the best hypnotherapist to help with my past situations and something lead me to Serena, and in the end I was right in choosing her. I am truly grateful for what she has done for me and would recommend her to those who look for results. Thank you so much Serena!

                                                                                    Latta Kadir, Las Vegas

*Serena knows a lot. She is able to combine her broad-based intellectual knowledge with   understanding and skills required in the moment to resolve issues/concerns in a most comfortable way. I always enjoy sessions with Serena. She knows what she's doing and has my complete trust.
                                                                                                   Gayle E. Grass Valley, CA

*"Serena has a way with words that is truly magical and uplifting. The NLP releases old stored thoughts and assists in releasing the negative patterns behind it.  The shifts are subtle at first but very noticeable. I highly recommend Serena's work."
​                                                                                               Valarie Zuvuya, Las Vegas

*results may vary


​And I quit smoking!

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